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Muslim Women Writers, Authors, and Reviewers Recognized during Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, a variety of lists generated by authors showed a vibrant array of Muslim women engaged in writing and reviewing. The lists highlight the diversity of Muslim women involved in academic, popular, and activist endeavors in the Muslim world. The lists also demonstrate the emerging body of work produced by Muslim women reflective of their Islamic and cultural experiences.  Check them out!


5 + Muslim Women You Should Know in the Muslim Writing & Book World

Author Umm Juwariyah starts her list by stating, “I will not be writing about Susan B. Anthony, Hilary Clinton, Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, or Julia Alvarez.” Instead, Umm Juwariyah uses her space to give prominence to Muslim women writers and authors. Authors include novelists, bloggers, and activist writers.

Women’s History Month 2016 Featuring 12 Muslim Women Authors, Editors, and Reviewers

Author Karimah Grayson generated her list to “introduce 12 Muslim women authors, editors, and/or reviewers that have an impact on Muslim fiction.” Grayson provides a comprehensive list of Muslim women involved in various aspects of the growing body of Muslim fiction throughout the world. By mentioning editors and reviewers with authors, Grayson exhibits an inclusive appreciation for the work of Muslim women in the literary world.

Muslim Women Authors:  A Twitter List of Muslim Women Authors in Honor of Women’s History Month

Author Saadia Faruqi tweeted over 80 Muslim women authors from across the global. Faruqi organized and shared her tweets in a storify. Some her tweets mention NbA Muslim authors.

These lists provide a cross-section of some of the incredible literary, academic, and social work Muslim women are doing and show the mark they are making in the broader socio-cultural dialogue. Use them to learn more about these incredible Muslim women!

About Layla Abdullah-Poulos

Layla Abdullah-Poulos is an alumna of SUNY Empire State College with a Bachelor of Arts in Historical Studies and Literature and is presently a student in the School for Graduate Studies. She expects to complete her studies and receive a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies and Advance Certificates in Women and Gender Studies and American Studies by 2016. An aspiring academic, Abdullah-Poulos uses her knowledge not only to develop her own scholarship but also that of other SUNY Empire State College students. A proponent for the enrichment of higher education through diversity, she plans to continue her work as an educator who conveys to students an ethnically diverse historical awareness and furnish them with the skills necessary to acquire political proficiency and constructively affect societal change.

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