Native-born American Muslims

Creating an Islamic-American Culture

Danielle LoDuca

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Danielle LoDuca is a third generation American of European descent. She was raised in a Catholic family, but considered herself agnostic and disdainful of religion until she converted to Islam in 2002. Danielle now blogs about Islam and how it relates to American culture and values, using her own experience as well as authentic sources in order to familiarize Americans with the truth about what she calls, “the most misunderstood way of life”, Islam.

Through more than a decade of studying and practicing Islam while interacting with both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities as a white Muslim, she realized that many people tended to conflate being Muslim with being foreign. Her experience and knowledge of Islam however, proved that Islam is not only compatible with her American culture, but that Islam has much in common with the best of American values.

In order to dispel stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam, she decided to write about Islam and living it in the USA, through her own eyes. On her blog “The Muslim Next Door: Discover The Familiarity Of Islam”, her main objectives are to remove the sense that Islam is foreign, or only for people from certain ethnic backgrounds as well as to remove the fear and discomfort many people have when they hear about Islam or see a Muslim.

She invites the reader into her life, her home and her family for an intimate peek into the life of ‘Your American Muslim Neighbor’. She has covered many topics to date, including the Muslim woman’s form of dress, violence and media representation of Islam, as well as explanations of basic practices and acts of worship.

She also writes a blog entitled “Turning Muslim: How I Found Satisfaction In Islam” which is more personal and direct. Turning Muslim includes her own story of how she found Islam and chose it as her way of life, in addition to more uncensored thoughts about Islam and the purpose of life.

She welcomes questions and invites everyone to read and interact with her by commenting at The Muslim Next Door: and Turning Muslim: She can also be reached by email at:



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