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Brother Dash

Image by Brother DashBrother Dash is an American author currently finishing his debut novel The Donor: When Conception Meets Deception. As a storyteller Dash’s mission is “to help you see, through the characters I create, that you have a glorious power within you that can make you better tomorrow than you are today. It is about being true to who you are not to who someone else is. But I’ll probably have to muddy you up first.” And it is through multilayered characters and on the edge of your seat storytelling that Dash does so.

Brother Dash writes in the romance, suspense and women’s fiction genres. His novels are page turners with a healthy dose of intrigue, copious amounts of drama and a few shakes of spice. As a writer and performer of poetry for over fifteen years he brings a unique writing style that one reader remarked “You’re like an artist except you paint pictures with words. I feel like I am inside these characters heads. Like I can see and hear what they do.” Another reader described Brother Dash’s prose in this way…”I hope this isn’t insulting but you’re a very pretty writer. I mean your words. They’re so pretty. I love it.” So Dash is that writer who has something important to say in a manner that pleases and satisfies.

Brother Dash lives in New Jersey, USA with the second of his three daughters where they listen to a bunch of noisy crickets, scare a family of deer and avoid the occasional coyote lurking in the woodsy backyard. Sign up for freebies on the Brother Dash List at

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